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East River Ferry

The East River Ferry… Oh boy do I have a review on the this boat!!! But that is for another day. The picture above is from Brooklyn Bridge Park (another place I am set to review) of which is one of the ferry’s stops. In the summer it stop at Governor’s Island on certain days. Its not a bad place to go (so I hear… haven’t made it there yet).

Here a couple of shots of the ferry (and from the ferry).

(from the ferry…. with love)

(no zoom lenses here! straight from the ferry)

(going under the Williamsburg Bridge on the ferry)

Lots more shots coming eventually. Once I can get on that ferry again. Would be nice to get some winter shots to see if it looks totally different with the seasons.

This is a page to bookmark. Updates as I take more shots are coming. Eventually there should be all kinds of post cars, paintings and such available for print based on the ferry ride. If I have my way, I will make some things by hand. It’s just the artist in me coming out I guess.

Stay tuned.