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Beyond Brooklyn: Sunny Days and Rainbows at Lefferts

The Raibow and Sunset at Ozone Park

The very last stop in Queens on the A line provided a special opportunity for some shots. And we here are Brooklyn Traveler didn’t waste time taking some. Lefferts Blvd has its own special flavor as the usual for more neighborhoods. and of course since it’s the last stop on the A line, there are […]

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Art is on The Walls – The Times Square Kiss

Baby! Your the greatest!

lets end the war with a kiss

  There is not much to say about this shot other than I caught it by accident and that I want to take more shots of it but there was too many people in the way. For some reason it is inspiring to me and makes me want to specifically look around NYC for graffiti […]

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multiple exposure…

A major modification of an original shot taken about a year ago. Location classified (is in Queens though). This is also a iPhone shots as well. I can’t believe the quality that can come from an iPhone shot. I think anyone can do some serious photography with just the phone. While I wouldn’t just quite […]

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Preview: I Love NY… 2012

  The I love NYC series was pretty popular… heck, even if it wasn’t, I would do it again!!! Anyway, this time I will be adding a new thing to it for this year. There will be the I Love NY series everyday for the month of August and ALSO  something for the month of […]

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The Crescent Street TurnOut

Framed for your pleasure. The only think I don’t like about this picture is that it has a person in it (near the sign post for the bus). Other than that, I love to composition and how the elevated structure frames the old cemerery building.  

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Grand Central in the Night

Taken at night with my phone (I’m sure upon inspection you notice this). I was there and just wanted to capture the moment.  

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Imagine Where…

At Queensboro Plaza and edited on the iPhone  

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just the HighLine at Night

  Should have posted this a while ago. Meant to do a few posts on the HighLine considering how many shots I have of the place (and more to come). Here is a look at 4 shots:   Oh and by the way, you want to know which is my favorite shot? I think you ma […]

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PREVIEW – the underpass overpass

Its an archway that allows the grand Councourse to continue on its way… meanwhile a road below passes unknowling that there is a street above. In fact, standing here in the middle of the day you do not hear too much traffic from the Grand concourse above (that has to be at least 100ft in […]

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tub boat

Just a small tub boat riding the East River just passing  the Brooklyn Bridge. I tried to add some effects to the image to bring out the color. In the pic you can see the New York skyline including the new Frank Gary apartment building.  

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