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The Ship at the Park

  A really nice little exhibit of what I believe is a scouter ship. Not even sure anymore considering this happened last summer. Meant to post about it a while ago but just forgot. So here it is making up for lost time. You could explore the ship a little. Not that there was much […]

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Art is on The Walls – The Times Square Kiss

Baby! Your the greatest!

lets end the war with a kiss

  There is not much to say about this shot other than I caught it by accident and that I want to take more shots of it but there was too many people in the way. For some reason it is inspiring to me and makes me want to specifically look around NYC for graffiti […]

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The 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The Balloons of the ABQ Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Part 1

  What an adventure I had visiting  Albuquerque New Mexico! Let me tell you that one week is just not enough time to see all the places and try all the things that they have over there.  At the Balloon Fiesta there were well over 100+ balloons participating at any given day or night. There […]

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Mystery Tunnel

Its a blast from the past that you don’t get to see much in the city of NY  

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Dyker Heights Christmas 2011

what a beautiful night… Christmas at Dyker Hieghts 2011 from Brooklyn Knight on Vimeo.   There is so much to say about this event that is a yearly thing that the people of Dyker Heights do that I don’t know where to begin. The house all over the neighborhood are lit up but there is a strip of houses […]

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Bayonetta – a video game picture series

  Now this has absolutely nothing to do with Brooklyn, NYC or traveling to distant places. No, no, no… this has everything to do with just playing around with the camera and settings. Don’t expect to see stuff like this too often;  just every once in a while when the mood strikes and I want to do […]

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Verrazano 3

  No I have no idea why Hipstamatic has the Jul 81 at the bottom of the photo… but it interesting when the month and year change at the bottom for whatever logic reason it does… Why do I like this picture enough to post it outside of the portfolio? Because it just looks freaking […]

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under the Williamsburg

  I read something about who put the fabric on the railing under the Williamsburg bridge… if you are a Facebook fan, you probably got that info already.  It was a pretty in interesting installation… its juts how Williamsburg Rolls I guess being that it has been rewarded the hippest place in the world award. Anyway, more info […]

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A Day In The Life Of

This is one of my favorites. I just love this shot. It was the first I posted on Deviant Art. You would think I would have posted this on my very own site… but I forgot LOL Just another shot I took while visiting Albuquerque NM.  

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Almost o’Hare

  What do you do when you are about to land at an airport you never been to before? You take lots of pictures out the window. I am not sure what this looks like on the ground considering I have never been to this area before, but from the sky, you can really tell […]

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