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Beyond Brooklyn

Beyond Brooklyn: Sunny Days and Rainbows at Lefferts

The Raibow and Sunset at Ozone Park

The very last stop in Queens on the A line provided a special opportunity for some shots. And we here are Brooklyn Traveler didn’t waste time taking some. Lefferts Blvd has its own special flavor as the usual for more neighborhoods. and of course since it’s the last stop on the A line, there are […]

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Ripleys Museum

  Ever gone to Myrle beach? No? Well, they got this thing over there that looks like a house that has been turned over on its… weel, you see the pictures.

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The 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The Balloons of the ABQ Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Part 1

  What an adventure I had visiting  Albuquerque New Mexico! Let me tell you that one week is just not enough time to see all the places and try all the things that they have over there.  At the Balloon Fiesta there were well over 100+ balloons participating at any given day or night. There […]

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A Myrtle Beach Autumn

When you are at Myrtle Beach and you have a scene in your mind, why not take a picture and set it up on your computer? This is the result. A picture taken from Myrtle Beach SC in 2011 but made to look as it its in some sort of 1930-something date… on old film… […]

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A Day In The Life Of

This is one of my favorites. I just love this shot. It was the first I posted on Deviant Art. You would think I would have posted this on my very own site… but I forgot LOL Just another shot I took while visiting Albuquerque NM.  

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beautiful flowers

  This shot was taken from… well, I took it so long ago, I’m not sure where I took it. I am almost positive it was in New Mexico’s ABQ bio park. Taken with my iPhone and using a app to spice up the shot, I think it turned into one of those pictures that […]

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Almost o’Hare

  What do you do when you are about to land at an airport you never been to before? You take lots of pictures out the window. I am not sure what this looks like on the ground considering I have never been to this area before, but from the sky, you can really tell […]

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The Albuquerque Balloon FIESTA 2011

>> what happens when balloons go up? <<   So I didn’t really get a chance to go. That missed importunity turned into a great blessing in disguise. I ended up getting some great shots of the balloons traveling around ABQ. I even got one that landed in a school field. >> some really happy kids <<   I […]

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The Library Grill ALT

  If you liked the shot and the story of the Library Grill on Central (Route 66) in ABQ New mexico, then I think you will like these versions of the shot.   I have to admit that this would make a great wallpaper so don’t be shy if you want to download it (currently on Deviant […]

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The Library Grill

  Aparrently a place I thought was very original may not be so original after all. When you type in Library Bar, you get quite a few places. I have no idea if it is a food chain of stores or not… not sure I care right now. All I know is that this Library […]

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