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The Ship at the Park

  A really nice little exhibit of what I believe is a scouter ship. Not even sure anymore considering this happened last summer. Meant to post about it a while ago but just forgot. So here it is making up for lost time. You could explore the ship a little. Not that there was much […]

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Best Undiscovered Park in Brooklyn

Best Undiscovered Park in Brooklyn _____________________/// If you have never been to the park, you should definitely take time out to go. Definitely, go during sunset because it is gorgeous! You have views of Manhattan’s skyline, you can see the industrial part of New Jersey, you can see the hills on Staten Island, and if […]

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The Bird at Coney Island

Nothing like getting the bird at Coney island. I am probably implying too much here, but I did get this bird. Couldn’t get a closer shot due to the lens not being telephoto enough but I think the point is made… he don’t like me. I mean straight grilling me down from a distance. Its […]

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The Turtle at Brooklyn Botanical

  The turtle here has plenty to do here at the garden in Brooklyn. Is he a native? Probably. Is he a she? Maybe. Can’t tell. Baking in the sun? Yes. The Brooklyn Botanical is free on Tuesdays so check it out. Once you do, you WILL definitely not go back on a Tuesday. You […]

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Beyond Brooklyn: Sunny Days and Rainbows at Lefferts

The Raibow and Sunset at Ozone Park

The very last stop in Queens on the A line provided a special opportunity for some shots. And we here are Brooklyn Traveler didn’t waste time taking some. Lefferts Blvd has its own special flavor as the usual for more neighborhoods. and of course since it’s the last stop on the A line, there are […]

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Ripleys Museum

  Ever gone to Myrle beach? No? Well, they got this thing over there that looks like a house that has been turned over on its… weel, you see the pictures.

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Art is on The Walls – The Times Square Kiss

Baby! Your the greatest!

  There is not much to say about this shot other than I caught it by accident and that I want to take more shots of it but there was too many people in the way. For some reason it is inspiring to me and makes me want to specifically look around NYC for graffiti […]

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The 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The Balloons of the ABQ Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Part 1

  What an adventure I had visiting  Albuquerque New Mexico! Let me tell you that one week is just not enough time to see all the places and try all the things that they have over there.  At the Balloon Fiesta there were well over 100+ balloons participating at any given day or night. There […]

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hov buses only…

Faithfully taken on the good ole Manhattan Bridge… funny because I am almost sure that there is no HOV lane for buses on the bridge. Eh, I’m not here to figure out what the sign means, I just like the picture and I took it. And no I wasn’t moving or in a car. Seriously, […]

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multiple exposure…

A major modification of an original shot taken about a year ago. Location classified (is in Queens though). This is also a iPhone shots as well. I can’t believe the quality that can come from an iPhone shot. I think anyone can do some serious photography with just the phone. While I wouldn’t just quite […]

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