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The Ship at the Park

Ship on the Water


A really nice little exhibit of what I believe is a scouter ship. Not even sure anymore considering this happened last summer. Meant to post about it a while ago but just forgot. So here it is making up for lost time.

You could explore the ship a little. Not that there was much to look at. They allowed you to eat on the deck and even had chairs and tables out. The multiple views were spectacular that day.

Ship on the Water from far away

They are really trying to make Brooklyn Bridge Park into a¬†world class destination. That comes with some negatives because this place is starting to get a little crowed. The best times to go is during a week day. Considering the park keeps getting bigger because they keep building more stuff on it, on some Weekends you might find it not as crowded while others it’s crazy out there.

Ship exhibit at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Makes one wonder what they will have in store for this summer.