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Beyond Brooklyn: Sunny Days and Rainbows at Lefferts

The Raibow and Sunset at Ozone Park

Beyond Brooklyn: The last stop SUNRISE

The very last stop in Queens on the A line provided a special opportunity for some shots. And we here are Brooklyn Traveler didn’t waste time taking some.

Lefferts Blvd has its own special flavor as the usual for more neighborhoods. and of course since it’s the last stop on the A line, there are plenty of shops to get stuff from chain stores to local shops and “corner stores”.

Captured the sun setting after a storm as well as a rainbow. Right spot at the right time moments…

Beond brooklyn: The last stop - End of the Rainbow 2

Just beautiful! can’t be mad at it at all. Is this a promise of the world not flooding ever again? Who knows, but it was very nice to see. Too bad the shot could only be taken with the iPhone (which by the way, actually has a pretty decent camera…)